Jocelyn Forest


-Over 12 years experience in Strength & Conditioning, Private training

-USA Weightlifting Club Coach

-CrossFit Level I

-Robb Wolf Nutrition Certified

-Movement and Mobility Certified (Kelly Starrett)

-CrossFit Football

-CrossFit Endurance

-Currently coaches SCS Barbell Club, S&C classes, Kids/organized sports, private training

-CrossFit Coach 2009-2011

-UC Berkeley Strength & Conditioning Coach 2002 (men’s and women’s basketball, track and field, water polo, men’s and women’s swimming, men’s baseball, women’s golf, and men’s soccer.

 -Div I College Coach 2005-2008; Penn State, Boston University

Athletic accolades:

-Currently ranked in the top three (USA) for Olympic Weightlifting 63kg class/6th in 69kg class

-Holds 4 records in the Pacific Weightlifting Association including 63kg class snatch, clean&jerk, total and the 69kg class clean & jerk.

-CrossFit Nor Cal Regional Champion 2009

-CrossFit Games competitor 2009

-Professional Softball Athlete 6 years- New England Riptide

-World Champion 2005, MVP

-Dutch semi Pro athlete (team DSC 74) 2003

-Dutch National Champion 2003, MVP

-Full Scholarship Athlete (softball) at Cal Berkeley 1998-2002

-National Champion 2002, MVP

As an experienced weightlifting, strength & conditioning, and softball pitching coach with a high level athletic background of her own, Jocelyn is highly sought after by clients of all ages and abilities.  With a specific passion for movement and human performance, Jocelyn specializes in developing quality athleticism (whether for life or sport) through strength training, Olympic weightlifting, and functional metabolic conditioning.  She coaches for the Santa Cruz Strength Barbell Club and teaches SCS Strength & Conditioning classes.  Jocelyn’s specialty also includes training kids and teens.  She currently coaches 20+ kids ages 7-16 in the sport of weightlifting and/or strength & conditioning for their sports. 

Philosophy: In a world where the pursuit of fitness is driven by the desire to be thin Jocelyn aims to reshape the idea of fitness all together.  She believes that if one shifts their efforts away from losing weight and instead aims to get stronger and perform better while fueling the body with nutritious foods that all of the aesthetic benefits will follow.  Furthermore, when one begins to gain strength and the ability to execute physical things they never thought possible not only will they become lean, fit, and athletic but they will become empowered and gain confidence in every aspect of life. 

 For private training Jocelyn can be reached at 831-334-7280.

Clay Edgin

- Strongman competitor since 2003

- "A" level Highland Games thrower

- Powerlifter since 2006 (best raw lifts include 550 squat / 405 bench / 713 deadlift)

- North American Strongman, Inc. State Chairman for New Mexico from 2007-2009

- Director of Sport Development Mas Wrestling USA

- Promoted and hosted many strongman and grip strength competitions

- Performed public speaking mixed with feats of strength for churches, Rotary groups, gyms.

- Shown on season 3, episode 10 of Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior” show as their Professional Strongman. 

- Master of Ceremonies for professional strongman contests

- Author for REPS! Magazine and numerous websites for grip training

- Featured in The Californian and Albuquerque Journal newspapers


-First American to compete in Mas Wrestling World Cup in Russsia

-2nd Place in Norwegian Mas Wrestling Championship

- Ironmind #3 certified Captain of Crush (2003)

- Ironmind #4 Captains of Crush closer (2004 - uncertified)

- Ironmind Red Nail bender (2004)

- Set NM state record in push/pull powerlifting (2006 - record still stands)

- Heavy Grips Strength Athlete of the Month (March 2004)

- Mash Monster gripper certifications 0 through 5

- Featured in Strong, Stronger, Strongest and Strength and Speed by strength historian Dale Harder

- First man to bend Grade 5 5/16" x 7" long tempered steel bolt, now called "Edgin bolts"

- First man to complete Ironmind's "Crushed to Dust" grip challenge

-Competitive Beardsman

Clay's journey into strength athletics was prompted by the birth of his daughter. Topping out at 416lbs, Clay decided that if he didn't make some big changes in his life that he woud never live long enough to see his daughter grow up. Not satisfied by simply doing workouts from muscle rags, Clay picked up a copy of Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik and it changed the way he looked at the gym and his own body. A trainee should be buidling his or her body for a purpose, not just aesthetics.

While dropping to 275lbs on a low carb diet, he competed in strongman, highland games, and grip sport, earning high marks in all three. His prowess in grip sport was borne from spending years making medieval armour on the weekends with his dad and he credits his ability to close the Ironmind #3 on his first day training with it to swinging a 4lb hammer for hours at a time. 

Clay lived in Newbury Park, CA with legendary strongmen Odd Haugen and Dan Harrison where he began learning how to fine tune his diet and workouts to reach any goal he set his mind to. Using that experience, he's able to fluctuate between 280-350lbs while still building strength at any bodyweight.

Now a part time coach and trainer at Santa Cruz Strength, Clay coaches all Friday classes, as well as the powerlifters, strongmen, grip specialists, and MAS wrestlers.  He runs MAS Wrestling practice on Saturdays at 10am and organizes many strongman, grip, and MAS wrestling events at Santa Cruz Strength.  Clay is also available for private training and private programming.  

Contact Clay

Phone: 831-776-0875



Kyle Haynes

- 2012 Santa Cruz Good Times Trainer of the Year

- USA Weightlifting Level 2 Senior Club Coach

- CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer

- Robb Wolf Nutrition Certified

- Movement and Mobility Certified (Kelly Starrett)

- CrossFit Football

- Nationally Registered EMT/CPR Certified

2012 Good Times Trainer of the year Kyle Haynes is co-owner of Santa Cruz Strength and currently in the police Academy until September 2014.  A USA Weightlifting certified coach and athlete, Kyle both competes as a weightlifter and coaches Team SCS.  Additionally, Kyle writes and administers programs for over 100 clients from elite athletes to general fitness folks.  Kyle has a wealth of experience and success in coaching professional football players, Olympic athletes, competitive weightlifters, competitive CrossFitters, college bound high school athletes from multiple sports, and has helped hundreds more lose body fat, improve fitness, and better their lives.  As a passionate, caring coach Kyle is adamant about his number one rule for anyone wanting to stay on track in their fitness or athletic endeavors, "Do No Harm." You can expect to work harder than ever with confidence that your health and safety is a priority.

Kyle is also highly sought after by clients for nutrition consultation.  He has extensive knowledge and passion for the subject and has helped countless people reach their fitness and performance goals.  Whether it be fat loss, muscle/mass gain, increased energy, or better sleep, Kyle can help create a nutrition and lifestyle plan for you. Please check back after September 2014 for availability.